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Why Not Wordpress

There is little doubt that Wordpress is a fantastic platform.  It has a huge range of functionality thanks to the thirty four gazillion plugins that are available. There are endless themes and you can find a wordpress guru on every street corner.   and a very vocal support base who will argue its the only way to go.  

But lets be clear, its not the only option and here's why:

Firstly, the learning curve is steep. Even with "drag and drop" builders, you will still need to spend time working it out or following YouTube videos to understand it. If you have the time and inclination - go ahead. 

You can pay someone to build you a website. Then you can pay someone to optimise it for SEO. Then you can pay someone to backup and update it (or pay them to teach you how to). Then you can pay someone to make changes. That's potentially a lot of paying people!!

What am i getting at. There will always be a market for a DIY website. The key is choosing a platform that can meet your requirements. That's where Siteisfy (my affiliate link) comes in. 

I have played with various website, landing page and sales funnels builders. And it wasn't until Siteisfy that I found one that worked for me - and I know will work for many of my clients and other business owners and marketers.  



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