Not everything about social is sweet

But the feeling of sitting back with your feet up and a wine in your hand knowing it's under control, is.

That's where I come in.  Now clearly - I'm not a social media "native". When I went to uni (business), social media didn't exist. The Internet-Of-Things wasn't a concept – heck, the internet was barely a thing.

So, how did I end up here?

 It started with a whole bunch of years working in sales and marketing both in consulting and in-house across a variety of industries in Australia and the UK.  I can't decide if the magazine I worked for in London or the Margaret River winery was the most fun!

And then, it was a 10-year long and often sleepless journey through motherhood, MLM and a false start back in the "real" workforce that sent me looking for my thing. 

Until I discovered the business back-end of Facebook. Groups and webinars and online courses and along came digital marketing....  a real eye opener. Some may say, an epiphany. 

And while the "good old days" of Facebook allowing you to reach thousands of people for free are long gone, the opportunities it provides for businesses are unprecedented and are evolving at rapid pace.

Here's the thing: social media waits for no one.

It's an ongoing job to stay on top of it.

My job, so you don't have to!

With the help of my global social media connections, I have the latest trends and updates at my fingertips. I get that sounds a bit "naff" but in today's digital world, you really can be operating globally.

Helping businesses grow and think bigger - I love that!


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